Young Clinical Scientist Award

This award was first presented in 1983. The Awards Committee, at its discretion, designates clinical scientists under the age of 45 years to receive the "Young Clinical Scientist Award," in the form of an unframed certificate, in recognition of exceptional zeal for research in clinical science and based on the quality of an oral presentation at the Annual Meeting. The recipients are usually, but not necessarily, members of the Association.

The recipients of the Young Clinical Scientist Awards are listed below.




Anthony D. Maus, PhD

Associate Consultant I 
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

2023 Sarrah Lahorewala, BDS., PhD
2023 Müge Sak, PhD
2022 Norah Alghamdi, PhD
2022 Deblina Mukherjee, MD
2021 Amanda Haynes, DO
2018 Delu (Tyler) Yin, PhD
2018 Captain Devin Broadwater, MD
2017 Lindsay N Strotman PhD
2016 Jason L Kubinak PhD
2015 Trevor Pitcher PhD
2014 Christina M Jacobsen MD
2013 Lori M Millner PhD (Innovation/Science)
2013 Kristine E Konopka PhD (Clinical Applications)
2013 Joshua A Bornhorst PhD (Clinical Applications)
2013 Frederick G Strathmann IV PhD (Technology Development) 
2012 Kristen K Reynolds PhD Louisville KY 
2011 Peter C Hu PhD
2010 Consolato M Sergi MD PhD and L Brannon Thomas MD PhD
2009 Gillian A Franklin MD
2008 Kyle C Kurek MD
2007 Iris Schrijver MD
2006 Howard J Meyerson MD
2005 Dani S Zander MD
2004 Maura Piretti PhD and Myra L Wilkerson MD
2003 Kathleen A Kelly PhD
2002 Nicholas Bandarenko III MD
2001 Lynn P Parker MD and Pratima R Savargaonkar MD
2000 Margery H Mark MD
1998 Roger L Bertholf PhD
1997 Daniel D Sedmak MD
1996 Gregory Tsongalis PhD
1995 Linda Steel-Goodwin PhD and Gregory S Makowski PhD
1994 Kathleen A Allen MD
1993 Joseph P Laurino PhD and Terrence N Moyana MD
1992 Betty A Forbes PhD
1991 Juliana G Szakacs MD
1990 Carolyn M Salafia MD
1989 Robin A Felder PhD
1988 Raymond J Dorio MD
1987 E Howard Taylor PhD
1986 Steven H-Y Wong PhD
1985 James C Boyd MD
1984 Sidney M Hopfer PhD
1983 Petrina V Genco PhD