Gold Headed Cane Award

In 1974, at the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Association of Clinical Scientists, Dr. Joseph Sherrick presented a gold-headed cane to Dr. F. William Sunderman, first President of the Association, in recognition of twenty-five years of continued scientific leadership. Thus began this tradition of recognition of outstanding leadership. The award is not given every year as the list below indicates. Thereafter, the Awards Committee, at its discretion, awards a Gold-Headed Cane to a Fellow of the Association who by long and distinguished service has become exemplary of the clinical and scientific aspirations of the Association, and who has attained international recognition as a leader in clinical science.

The following are the recipients of the Gold Headed Cane Award:



Charles D. Hawker, PhD, MBA

Retired Scientific Director, Automation
ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT

2023 Frederick L. Kiechle, MD, PhD
2019 Clive R. Hamlin, PhD
2018 Robert E Brown, MD
2015 Robert L Hunter, MD, PhD
2013 John Savory, PhD 
2008 George D Vlahides, MD
2006 Vernon E Martens, MD
2003 Jeno E Szakacs, MD
2000 Edward E Morse, MD
1998 F William Sunderman Jr, MD
1989 Wallace H Coulter, PhD
1985 Michael M Lubran, MD, PhD
1984 Oscar G Costa Mandry, MD
1980 Shields Warren, MD
1974 F William Sunderman, MD, PhD