Clinical Scientists of the Year (Sunderman Award)

As noted in the History of ACS, In September, 1957 the Executive Committee accepted an offer by President Sunderman, Sr. to provide an appropriate award each year to ..." a Fellow who has demonstrated outstanding zeal in the pursuit of clinical science." The Executive Committee insisted, with Dr. Sunderman abstaining, that the award be known as the Sunderman Award. This action was then supplemented by the creation of a Diploma of Honor which might "... be presented to scientists who have made meritorious contributions to the furtherance of clinical science...".

Thus, the Awards Committee, at its discretion, selects a Fellow of the Association to receive the annual "Sunderman Award," This award, in the form of a silver goblet and an unframed certificate, is presented to a member who has made outstanding contributions to clinical science in research, teaching, and service and has demonstrated outstanding zeal in the pursuit of clinical science. The recipient is designated "Clinical Scientist of the Year."

The recipients of the Clinical Scientist of the Year Award (Sunderman Award) are listed below.



Shuko Harada, MD

Professor, Dept. of Pathology
University of Alabama (Birmingham)
Birmingham, AL

2023 Yusheng Zhu, PhD, DABCC, FADLM, FACSc
2022 Jonathan B. Hoyne, PhD
2021 Keri J. Donaldson, MD, MSCE
2019 Joshua A. Bornhorst, PhD
2018 Peter C Hu, PhD
2017 John Hicks MD DDS PhD
2016 Nina Tatevian MD PhD
2015 Charles D Hawker PhD MBA
2014 Kyle C Kurek MD
2013 Clive R Hamlin PhD
2012 Juliana Szakacs MD, Boston, MA
2011 Roland Valdes Jr PhD
2010 Joseph A. Knight MD
2009 Steven I Hajdu MD
2008 Joseph C Parker Jr MD
2007 M Kent Froberg MD, DVM
2006 Sidney M Hopfer PhD
2005 Peter Farmer MD
2004 Joseph P Laurino PhD
2003 Roger L Bertholf PhD
2002 Linda Steel-Goodwin PhD
2001 Egil Fosslien MD and Donald J Cannon PhD
2000 Robert E Brown MD
1998 Pai C Kao PhD
1997 Paul C Fu PhD
1996 Frederick L Kiechle MD PhD
1995 James T Wu PhD
1994 John Lazarchick MD
1993 Armand B Glassman MD
1992 Peter J Goldblatt MD
1991 Ernest M Walker Jr MD PhD
1990 William C Griffiths PhD
1989 Robert L Hunter Jr MD PhD
1988 Kendall Kane MD
1987 David E Bruns MD
1986 Donald T Forman PhD
1985 Irene E Roeckel MD
1984 Richard H Gadsden Sr PhD
1983 John Klavins MD
1982 Bernard Gondos MD
1981 Daniel L Weiss MD
1980 Edward E Morse MD
1979 Elgin A Cowart Jr MD
1978 Owen M Rennert MD
1977 John Savory PhD
1976 F William Sunderman Jr MD
1975 Howard Quittner MD
1974 William E Delaney MD
1973 Michael M Lubran MD PhD
1972 James J Humes MD
1971 Jeno E Szakacs MD
1970 John H Wilkinson PhD
1969 Robert P MacFate PhD
1968 Joe M Blumberg MD
1967 Gonzalo E Aponte MD
1966 Vernon E Martens MD
1965 Joseph C Sherrick MD
1964 Robert P MacFate PhD
1963 Malcolm L Barnes MD
1962 Herbert Derman MD
1961 George F Stevenson MD
1960 Asher Yaguda MD
1959 Earl B Wert MD
1958 Oscar G Costa Mandry MD
1957 Frank W Konzelmann MD