Final Program (subject to change)
145th Meeting of the Association of Clinical Scientists, Jacksonville, FL
Meeting Theme: Tomorrow’s Diagnostics and Therapeutics Today

All sessions are in the Casa Marina Hotel, unless otherwise noted

Monday, April 1
2:30-5:00Registration, Margaritaville Hotel main lobby
3:00-6:00Executive Committee meeting, Seagrass Meeting room, Margaritaville Hotel

Tuesday, April 2
Session A. Theme: Pathobiology of Neurological Disorders
7:00Registration open
Continental Breakfast
8:15Welcome Remarks: Yusheng Zhu, PhD, ACS President, and Jonathan B. Hoyne, PhD, Program Chair
8:30-9:15Abraham J. Gitlitz Memorial Lecture: Dennis W. Dickson, MD, Mayo Clinic, Brain banking and its contribution to research on a range of brain disorders.
9:15-10:00Tania Gendron, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Biomarkers of neurodegeneration
10:00Refreshment break
10:30-11:00Amitava Dasgupta, PhD, University of Kansas Medical School, Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease in CSF and plasma
11:00-11:30Melissa E. Murray, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Pathobiology of Alzheimer’s disease
11:30Adjourn for luncheon with speaker
Session B
12:00-12:45Jorge M. Mallea, MD, Mayo Clinic, Machine perfusion: A platform for organ repair and regeneration
Session C Theme: Transforming Transplant
1:00-1:30C. Burcin Taner, MD, Mayo Clinic, Transforming transplant
1:30-2:00Linnea M. Baudhuin, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Leveraging genomics for transplant monitoring
2:00-2:30Rohan M. Goswami, MD, Mayo Clinic, Artificial intelligence in heart transplant
2:30-3:00Fadi E. Salem, MD, Mayo Clinic, Transforming the future of pre-implantation kidney biopsy
3:00Refreshment break
Session D Theme: Tomorrow’s Therapy Today
3:30-4:00Janet Denbeigh, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Carbon ion therapy
4:00-4:30Shane A. Shapiro, MD, Mayo Clinic, Use of bone marrow aspirate concentrate in orthopedic surgeries
4:30-5:00John Copland, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Fatty acid inhibition in cancer models and companion diagnostics 
6:00Welcome reception
7:30Young Fellows Event (open to all participants, age ≤ 45, and accompanying persons). Hosted by Jessica Claus, MD, Chair Young Fellows Section, and Yusheng Zhu, PhD, ACS President

Wednesday, April 3
Session E Theme: Research in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
8:00Welcome and introduction
8:15-8:35Ravinder Singh, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone, cortisol and ACTH monitoring for various endocrine surgeries 
8:35-8:55Jane J. Hata PhD, Mayo Clinic, Artificial Intelligence in gram positive identification 
8:55-9:15Bryan Dangott, MD, Mayo Clinic, Bone marrow cellularity estimation using low code / no code AI tools
9:15-9:35Jonathan B. Hoyne, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Nimodipine quantitation by LC-MS/MS: application to treatment after subarachnoid hemorrhage
9:35-9:55Zeynettin Akkus, PhD, Mayo Clinic, AI-Powered digital pathology workflow 
9:55-10:15Nilufer Ertekin-Taner, MD, PhD, Genetics of Alzheimer’s disease
10:15-10:35Sikander Ailawadhi, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Chimeric antigen receptor T-Cell therapy.
10:35Adjourn – load bus
10:55Bus departs for lab tours
11:20-1:30Lab tours
1:40Load bus for afternoon cultural tour: Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine) ticket required
2:35Arrive at Castillo de San Marcos
2:45-3:45External tour of fort (with guide)
3:45-4:45Internal tour of fort (self-guided)
5:00Load bus for return to hotels
5:45Bus arrives hotels
6:45Annual Awards Reception
7:30Annual Awards Banquet and Presentations
9:00Banquet address: Russell Brodie, Research Administrator I, Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute / Jacksonville University, How Fish are Managed in Florida – Overview of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Thursday, April 4
Session F Theme: Molecular Genetics
8:15-9:00Young Investigator of the Year – Anthony D. Maus, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Thyroglobulin iodination mapping: a step towards the monitoring technique of the future?
9:00-9:20Alexander C. Mackinnon, MD, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Controversies in surgical pathology: challenges correlating molecular and histological findings
9:20-9:40Jessica Claus, MD, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Molecular profiling of ovarian high-grade serous carcinomas using protein-protein interaction networks
9:40-10:00Shuko Harada, MD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Evaluation of failure rates of in-house and send-out solid tumors NGS testing
10:00Refreshment break
Session G Theme: Clinical Chemistry
10:30-10:50Joshua Bornhorst, PhD, Mayo Clinic, The relationship between specific and component IgE antibody testing in the evaluation of allergy
10:50-11:10Emily Ryan, PhD, Atrium Health Navicent, Macon, GA; Mercer School of Medicine, Macon, GA, Real-world assessment of mild traumatic brain injury markers
11:10-11:30Liyun Cao, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Development of new valproic acid estimating equations for patients with hypoalbuminemia
11:30-11:50Magali Fontaine, MD, PhD, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Transfusion related immunomodulation
11:50Adjournment for lunch and ACS Business meeting (all participants invited, regardless of Association membership status)
12:00Annual Business Meeting
Session H Theme: Anatomic Pathology
1:30-1:50Rita Hayes, MD, Rhode Island Office of State Medical Examiners, Fibrosis of the intestines in response to foreign objects
1:50-2:10M John Hicks, MD, DDS, MS, PhD, Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) transformation from giant cell fibroblastoma (GCF)
2:10-2:30Falone Amoa MD, MS, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Case Report: Unusual manifestation of BAP1-tumor predisposition syndrome
2:30-2:50George G Chen, MD, PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Metformin promotes macrophage polarization towards M1 phenotype in anaplastic thyroid cancer cells
2:50-3:10Miguel Carabano, MD, Brown University, An undescribed pathologic finding and immunohistochemical profile in the first-trimester twin placenta, excessive primitive erythroid cells cellular senescence as a mechanism of treatment resistance in prostate cancer
3:10-3:30Bushra Al-Tarawneh, MD, Brown University, An undescribed pathologic finding and immunohistochemical profile in the first-trimester twin placenta, excessive primitive erythroid cells
3:30Refreshment break
Session I Theme: Clinical Science in Practice
3:50-4:10Faisal Bukeirat, MD, University of Mississippi Medical Center, The safety and efficacy of endoscopic ultrasound-guided portal pressure gradient measurement: A systematic review and meta-analysis
4:10-4:30Mustafa Barbhuiya, PhD, UMass Chan Medical Center- Baystate Medical Center, Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) testing, method selections and dilemma of confirmatory testing
4:30-4:50Benjamin Andress, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Clinical utility of pancreatic cyst fluid glucose for identification of mucinous cysts
4:50-5:10Hunter Miller, PhD, University of Louisville, Implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence models in laboratory medicine 
5:10Session adjourns
7:30Musicale and Art Show, with light hors d'oeuvres