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The Annual Membership Dues for Fellows are $250 and for Associate Fellows and Members are $50, each of which includes a subscription to the Association's journal, The Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science. See elsewhere on the website for a description of the qualifications for each category of membership. Candidates for membership do not send any payment until after they have been accepted and they have been invoiced in the next annual dues cycle.

Please consider making a donation to the Association in addition to the renewal of your membership. The Association of Clinical Scientists is a 501(c)(3) corporation, and all donations are fully tax deductible. All contributions are acknowledged annually in The Clinical Science Trumpet.

Donation Levels

Donor: ≥ $50
Contributor: ≥ $100
Sponsor: ≥ $250
Patron: ≥ $500

The Association’s Shopping Cart is fast and convenient. It uses a secure PayPal system to accept payments. To be sure that the Association’s office receives the information that is required to properly renew your membership and credit your payment, please follow these steps:

NOTE – If you have difficulties, you can pay your dues, make a contribution, and update your contact information by telephoning the Association office at (713) 500-5381

  1. Select desired items in the shopping cart.
  2. Choose optional accessories.
  3. Complete the registrant information. If you are an administrative assistant making the registration for a member, please enter your name. This is important.
  4. Press the button “Send Email Notification.” This ensures that the Association’s office receives the required information. Please note that this step does not send any credit card information to our office.
  5. Press the yellow “Check Out with PayPal” button. Note: PayPal may invite you to open a PayPal account, but it isn’t required, and you may pay by using a credit card.

1. Make Shopping Cart Selections

Renew Regular Membership (Fellows)
Renew Membership as Associate Fellow
Renew Membership as Member
Renew Emeritus Membership*
*Emeritus Members are requested to update their membership information to assure that they receive all announcements and newsletters. Because Emeritus Members do not pay dues, they do not receive printed copies of the Annals, unless they elect to pay $113 for that subscription.
$0.00 Check here to add this membership.
Mailed Printed Subscription to Annals (Emeritus Members)
Voluntary Contribution

2. Choose Optional Accessories

Elegant Membership Certificate
For Fellows only, with red and gold accents and the Association's gold seal (see photo). Price includes shipping.
Rosette Lapel Pin
Available to all Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Members. Price includes shipping.
Bow Tie - Broad Striped
Available to all Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Members. Broad red and navy blue stripes with lilies. Price includes shipping.
Bow Tie - Thin Striped
Available to all Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Members. Predominantly red, with thin blue stripes and lilies. Price includes shipping

3. View Shopping Cart and Edit if Needed

4. Complete Member Information and Send Notification Email to ACS Office

[Note – if words don’t appear in these boxes, try a different browser or update your browser version]

  • Scientific Sections of Interest (check names)

  • Cell and Tissue Pathology
  • Clinical Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Clinical Immunology and Microbiology
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Clinical Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Clinical Science in Practice
  • Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
  • Medical Error Reduction
  • Therapeutics and Toxicology

Please verify all items on form are correct before sending email notification.